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REDSTAR Performance Downpipes for Audi C8 RS6 RS7 & D5 S8 with 4.0 TFSI engine.

Compatible Vehicles:

  • 2020-present Audi RS6 Avant 4.0 TFSI EA825
  • 2020-present Audi RS 7 Sportback 4.0 TFSI EA825
  • 2020-present Audi S8 D5 4.0 TFSI EA825
  • 2020-present Audi A8 60TFSI D5 4.0 TFSI EA825

Available options:

  • HJS HD 200cpsi Ultra High-Performance Catalytic Converters. Made in Germany to European standards by the most reputed motorsport and tuning converters manufacturer - HJS Emission Technology GmbH & Co. KG. In most applications we use 200cpsi "HD" series matrixes with triple foil winding and brazing stripe that locks the core into the shell. These extremely robust converters allow you to achieve flow numbers close to straight pipes while meeting strict Euro 5/6 emissions standards.
  • G-Sport GEN2 400cpsi Catalytic Converters. New 2020 converters line with S-wound metall core for improved strength & performance and proprietary coating to meet latest emissions regulations. EPA Compliant for vehicles 2017 and newer and allow you to pass emissions tests*. Ideal for forced induction and capable of withstanding up to 1,700F/ 925C core temp. At REDSTAR we rank them as the ones with the best performance/pollution reduction balance.
  • G-Sport GEN1 300cpsi UHO Catalytic Converters. The main high flow converters line from GESI, well known for years for their durability, high flow 300cpsi core and consistent emissions reduction. EPA Compliant for use on OBD1/OBD2 Vehicles up to 2016 model years. Rated by the manufacturer up to 850HP per converter, eliminate gas smell and even allow you to pass emissions tests* and avoid error codes in some applicatios. In 2022 GEN1 converters getting major update to S-wound core similar GEN2 series. More strength and withstanding up to 1,700F/ 925C expected (vs 850C for the current design).
  • HJS Motorsport 100cell Catalytic Converters available on request. Message us for more info and custom orders.
  • OE-style Heat Shielding with ceramic inner liner - signature REDSTAR thermal management feature that reduces radiant heat from the exhaust pipes up to 70-80%. Being inspired by racing cars we moved heat shielding to the tuning industry and made it available as an option for any REDSTAR product. Convention thermal wraps or ceramic coatings are not even close in effectiveness and durability to the Heat Shielding. *Please be aware of fake shielding when nothing but foil wrapped around the pipe. Without a sufficient ceramic wool underlay and properly embossed foil it just doesn't work as expected.
  • OPF-Delete (GPF-delete) version with 3 extra bungs on each pipe for thermocouple sensors and pressure tubes. 
  • OEM Gaskets. Gaskets are not included in the package for default and available as an option. All the necessary hardware included. 

Main Features:

  • 100% bolt-on installation
  • flow-optimised smooth transition design
  • 100% TIG welded and back purged
  • Highest quality 2mm wall 304L stainless steel
  • OEM-spec cnc machined flanges
  • All brackets and mounts as on OEM unit


You buy directly from the manufacturer and all the products are handmade in house here in Russia. Customer 100% protected from getting another relabeled, coated or photoshopped China/Taiwan made product. We provide pictures of actual product and you get exactly what you see. 
Free flow is our priority! No steps and restrictive areas, only smooth transitions, bigger diameters, and optimised design. Small things make big diffrence in performance and sound.
We don't compromise on quality! No thin walls, no mild steel flanges, no weak joints, no other cost reduction tricks. Our welds and whole craftsmanship is better than most of the competitors.
Our products are customizable to customers needs. No other manufacturers can offer same options list we do. Different catalysts, standard or exotic alloys, heat shielding, altered flanges etc.

Shipping & Taxes:

We ship worldwide with DHL EXPRESS. ~4-7 business days to any destination! Not just our rates are reasonable, we also ship to destinations like California and other restricted areas. Please message us if you have any questions about import taxes and how to avoid or reduce them. We do not charge any sales taxes, you see the final price.  


All REDSTAR stainless steel products are covered by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty (unless otherwise stated) against any structural or manufacturing defects. Please read >>Terms and Conditions



Removing of factory catalytic converters will trigger a сheck engine light. Firmware update recommended to get maximum performance gains.