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About us

REDSTAR EXHAUST is bespoke exhaust manufacturer.

We can describe us a team of performance enthusiasts who specialise in downpipes and custom exhaust components for European high performance and exotic cars since 2011. All the products are hand made in house at our facility.

Our team working hard on each particular detail during the manufacturing process and put a piece of soul into each product. Our fabricators use their skilful hands, CNC machining, precision welding and high-quality materials with a real passion to their work and cars in general.

We hope you like what you can find in our catalog. We are not into over-photoshopped pictures or unnatural 3d models that other manufacturers use to present their products. At REDSTAR you can see the real product straight out the welding fixture. No polishing to hide welding flaws, no differences between what you see and what you will get. Just the metal in its best!

REDSTAR products are covered under lifetime warranty* against any structural or manufacturing defects.

*Please, read and accept our terms and conditions.